Saturday, September 22, 2012


买了一些FORM 1 BLACK BEAUTY,榴莲开花等的书回家
选了这些书正要去付钱时才发现刚买的鞋不见了 /.\
要不然四十块的鞋就这样没有了 /.\



Saturday, September 15, 2012


UPSR(11-13/9/2012) had just passed~
And we had a farewell party for UPSR today~
To keep with them, i was very happy~
Seeing them just like seeing myself when i was YEAR SIX STUDENT~
In the old days,i have no dare to dance in so many ppl
Not so many la~just about 60++ pupils only
Thank you YEAR SIX PUPILS~You all make me different and be more confident than before
I'm very enjoy the moment be with all of you...
Even though you all play with the cream cake on my face
Am I silly?LOL
The game of today make me know actually the student of girls (5.30p.m-7p.m) that I had taught them since JUNE like to play with me
Just a few Year Six students of boys would like play in the same team with me
Most of the boys like to be a group with Ms.Ong
Others with Ms.Ying
But, enough! Really!
Coz let me know which student like to be in the same team with me
At first, I thought nobody would like play with me
But the girls made me surprise
They just younger than me six-year-old
But there is a good relationship between us~ HAPPY =)

Tomorrow morning will have a talk for YEAR SIX STUDENTS by Mr. Tay (升中讲座)
I got to bed now...
If not, I can't wake up early tomorrow..
And I'm sick again,sore throat! =(
This year too weak edi
Hmmm...Need to keep it well..
Stop here...Goodnight. =)


Saturday, September 8, 2012


Just come back from McDONALDS for having my midnight snack~hehe
Actually in this moment, I feel very sleepy ><
But my assignment must be finished as soon as possible
Because I have to hand in my assignment on the day after tomorrow 
And I will start my new lesson
Wow! How time flies!
It is almost nine months that I‘ve had joined Super Education Group
And my course have been finish four topic
The day after tomorrow will start the new topic: DIM 1005 Financial Accounting

Last week, DatoTee gave a speech on the Info Day
He told us many things of foreign country, like Australia
They just back to KL from Australia
They went gold coast, movie world and so on
They enjoyed themselves there
The only thing is if you stay there, your spending will be very high~
When people said thank you to an Australian, he or she will say NO WORRIES
Not like our Malaysian just reply YOU'RE WELCOME...
There are a big different between Australia and Malaysia
Our Malaysian always say 'PROUD', but Australian always say 'SNOBBISH'
Singaporean say 'HIGH AND MIGHTY'
Dato Tee said this year's Hong Kong's trip will be the last 
Next year will go to Korea for holidays
Oh~ My Disneyland~
But it's okay :)
Korea got winter, can play with the snow~ hehe 
I hope I will have the chance to go to the Korea for holidays
Korea! Wait me! I'll be there one day! :P

At first, I shall improve my English as well
And advance my level
As well as control my expenses, so that my money will not gone easily~LOL
Hope I do well in my future!
I'll do my level best for it!